About Us

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s what gets you out of bed, it’s your passion from 9-5, it’s the conversation around the dinner table, and it’s what you dream about at night. We’re exactly the same.

The idea for a creative, results-based advertising agency in the City of Windsor was first conceived by owner Mark Campbell while working at global advertising giant, BBDO. There, Mark was an instrumental leader on a team that developed the blueprints for cutting-edge sites at Chrysler’s flagship brands…blueprints that are still evident when you visit chrysler.ca, dodge.ca or jeep.ca.

While the framework for what was to become Digital Media was set in place during the “BBDO Years”, the actual doors for the agency didn’t open until 2003. Since then, Mark and his team have been the branding/creative force behind a collection of businesses, including Life After Fifty, John McGivney Children’s Center, Alive Canada, Clarks Law Firm, Souillere Financial, New Beginnings, and the Flower Shop at Thessiens to name just a few.

In 2016, the OACAO (Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario) honoured Life After Fifty as the winner of the best logo for Older Adult Centres in Ontario.

From day one, the team at Digital Media has built their brand on cornerstones of hard work, attention to detail, and creative results that are, quite frankly, unlike anything you’re likely to find in the region. As your agency, we’ll work alongside you to make your business and brand successful.

Digital Media is a full-service Advertising and Marketing Agency that provides a comprehensive menu of services that include:
• Corporate Branding
• Programming
• Website Design
• Social Media
• Mobile Applications
• Ecommerce
• Photography
• Logo Design
• On/Off-line Advertising 
• Print Material 
• E-Newsletters 
• Copy Writing 
• Data Mining 
• Market Research
• Media Planning
• Media Buying
• Digital/ Traditional Illustration
• Kiosks / Touch Screen
• Event Promotion
• Online Videos